Summer Hunt Animal Information
The Autocrat and THL Donwenna/ EMIC, is responsible for keeping resident livestock safe and SCA pet regulations enforced:  Pets cannot be left unattended. Due to the hot weather, owners are cautioned to keep pets   well-hydrated. All pet stools must be immediately picked up and disposed of in proper stool receptacles (i.e., plastic bags). Pets are not allowed to defecate/urinate within camping areas. We appreciate pet owners efforts and understanding, as the populace and resident livestock do have priority.

For more information about how to take your pet camping at SCA events go to the Caid webpage: Dogs & Horses of War
Horses must be vaccinated against EWEE, Tetanus, Flu, Rhino, and WNV and current on  de -worming. Please be sure your horse is dewormed within a month before arrival. Horses can deposit parasites on the pasture and pass this on to eachother.
Horses must be kept in the horse area only . Horse manure must be picked up and disposed in the assigned receptacle/area.

Paddock and horsetrailer space on site is at a premium.  PRE-REG MANDATORY FOR HORSES. Contact Donwenna to reserve space immediately.  Only room for minimum horses on site. Other stalls  available off-site for $25 per night.

Mounted Hunter Auction
This is Earnrokke's primary fundraiser and the person who 'owns' the winning rider will receive the grand prize! The winning rider will be designated as the Champion hunter and get to carry the Earnrokke hunting horn.

Riders, please complete your application for the BMG 2014 (TBD)submit it to Donwenna for compilation prior to July 1.

Unleashed dogs are prohibited.

Dog owners must have proof of Rabies vaccination with them, because we will ask them to provide it when they arrive on site. A Rabies tag is NOT legal proof.

Dogs are NOT allowed in the horse area at all.

We will ask any person to remove their pet from the site if it causes any problems.

Ferrets and Hawks
Ferrets must be contained or leashed.     Hawks allowed with licensed falconers.